Fechtschule Frisbee


WELCOME to Fechtschule Frisbee 2018!

Each year at FF is different 

I don't mean the location, or the goal of everyone having a great time while camping in the White Mountains of NH, or even the attendee list.   

It finally dawned on me after 4 years what FF actually is. 

Yes, it's a camping event amongst other camping events.  Yes, it's a HEMA(ish) event. Yes, it's a time for everyone to get together in a chill atmosphere.  

FF is an incubator

This is the event where *you* can try out an idea for a new class or lecture in front of a crowd that will give you honest, meaningful feedback.  

This is the event that *you* can take a class or attend a lecture on a topic you didn't even know you were interested in until you tried it!


This is an event where you can achieve something personal - break out of your monotony, break out of your shell.  Challenge yourself and others (literally - challenge others!)

Thank you for letting us be your hosts!

Tamworth Camping Area

New Hampshire KdF is proud to partner with Tamworth owners Laurie and Dana for the 4th year to make Fechtschule Frisbee a possibility.

190 Depot Road

Tamworth, NH 03886






190 Depot Road

Tamworth, NH 03886

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